Below is some useful information regarding recommended flights, check in/out times and airport transfers for our Menorca retreat.

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Check In

The course will officially start at 14:30 on the Saturday with check in to the villa no earlier than 13:30.

Check Out

The course will finish post breakfast on the Friday, with check out no later than 10:30.

Recommended Flights

Our recommended arrival flight is EasyJet (EZY6493) departing London Gatwick at 08:40 on the Saturday, arriving into Mahon at 12:10.

Any other flight that lands around this time will also work perfectly for the airport transfer (see below for details).

Regarding departure we recommend any flight departing from Mahon from 10:30 onwards on the Friday morning.

If you decide to stay on or are booked on to a later departing flight we will happily drop you into Mahon on the Friday morning. Alternatively we can organise a taxi for you to any other chosen location on the island (please note that this will be at your own additional cost).

Airport Transfer

Our airport transfer will depart Mahon airport at 13:00 on the Saturday.

If you cannot meet this time and have not made alternative arrangements with our team then please do let us know and we will organise a taxi for you directly to the house (please note that this will be at your own additional cost).