We currently do not have any classes or workshops scheduled.

However if you are interested in a class or workshop then please do carry on reading.

What can we offer?

Classes for you, your friends, family or colleagues in your local area.

Educational, interactive workshops on a variety of ‘health and wellbeing’ topics including (but not limited to) nutrition, mindset, movement and rest.

One off movement workshops for you and your group, focusing on either a specific skill of your choice or with the aim of achieving a specific outcome, improved cooperation for example.

Who Can We Cater For?

As we say on our FAQ’s page Wildfitness is suitable for almost everyone, of any age, experience or ability.

If you are unsure whether Wildfitness will work for you then please do contact our team with your concerns on the email below.

How Do I Book or Enquire?

Contact our team on


How Much Is A Class or Workshop?

This will depend on a variety of factors. Please contact our team on the above email with your requirements and we will be happy to help.