A Powerful Intuitive Philosophy

The original and only retreat of its kind.
Transforming lives through movement since 2001.


(/wʌɪld/ adjective)

Unrestrained and uninhibited by the effects of modern life



(/fɪtnɪs/ noun)

A state of health and well-being

Wildfitness is more than a retreat experience, more than a philosophy or idea. It is a physical, mental and emotional state of being. To know this state is to know the feeling of freedom from the restrictions and restraints learnt through a life of conditioning in our modern world.

Our mission at Wildfitness is to empower all to know this freedom. To run, jump, climb and play. To experience this world with wondrous uninhibited joy and to shine as children do.

To move wild so that we can live free.


Our Next Retreats

Summer 2024: Italy

7 day fundamental courses:

  • 8th-15th June
  • 15th-22nd June

14 day transformative course: 8th-22nd June

Summer 2024: Somerset, UK

August bank holiday long weekender

  • Thursday 22nd-Sunday 25th August
Autumn 2024: Menorca

6 day fundamental course:

  • 28th September-4th October




Retreat to the wildest and remotest of all the Tuscan islands for an unforgettable retreat experience unparalleled to any other.



Join us for a once in a lifetime adventure around the most natural and unspoilt of the Balearic Islands.



Bespoke retreats tailored entirely to your goals. Perfect for friends, family or corporate groups at a location of your choice.

"A truly magical and humbling experience. Thank you Wildfitness"

"The lasting effects of this fitness getaway will remain with me forever”

"The spirit of the week is still with me and I love it"

"A fitness experience in raw nature that I will never forget”

"Wildfitness awoke my inner child, energising and invigorating”

"When I reflect on the retreat I feel so lucky to have had this experience"

"I look forward to coming back again and again"

"I had the most amazing weekend being put through my paces with Hannah and the team at Wildfitness"


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