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Move your DNA: Katy Bowman

Move your DNA is about how changes to our environment have affected our ability to move well. Throughout the book's ten chapters, Katy bounces between the bigger picture and the finer details of biological health, and it becomes apparent that the two are unavoidably and intricately connected. Katy opens her book with the [...]

Move your DNA: Katy Bowman2020-02-28T15:53:15+00:00

How To Keep Our Guts Healthy: Giulia Enders

In what seems a different life, I worked for a software company in Darmstadt, Germany. If translated literally, Darmstadt means “Intestine Town”; an apt description. The fact that intestine does seem to fit for a description of a miserable town highlights that we don’t think very highly of our internal workings. Whilst it [...]

How To Keep Our Guts Healthy: Giulia Enders2020-02-28T15:33:28+00:00

Happiness By Design: Paul Dolan

Self-help sections of bookshops are probably my least frequented. Perhaps I don’t like the idea of admitting that I need help or don’t want to be seen to need help or perhaps I just don’t believe that big issues can be solved by reading a book that filters the issue into 7 (or [...]

Happiness By Design: Paul Dolan2020-02-28T15:36:10+00:00
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