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5 day courses available:

  • 23rd-27th October (Wildfitness returners only)
  • 28th October-1st November (open to all)

For 5 days retreat to the stunning boutique Frost & Fire Hotel. Nestled in the geothermal foothills above Hveragerði village, on the banks of the Varmá river and overlooked by Mount Reykjafall, immerse yourself in this true Icelandic wonderland.

Our all-inclusive rejuvenating holiday includes:

  • Accommodation at the stunning Frost & Fire Hotel with a chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

  • Delicious natural, organic meals, cooked in underground hot springs and prepared for you by our local chefs.

  • Exceptionally high standard of coaching by our Wildfitness coaches.

  • 2-4 daily group sessions, games, and educational workshops on wild moving, living, eating and cooking.

  • An uninterrupted deep silence that will allow you to completely rest and rejuvenate.

  • Airport transfers.

  •  Local excursions including entrance to the world famous Blue Lagoon, glacier hiking and ice climbing.

  • Unlimited use of the hotel’s sauna, outdoor thermal pool, thermal river and riverside hot tubs.

Our chosen location and daily activities combine to provide a once in a lifetime Icelandic experience: explore its rugged and vast landscape, hike glaciers, swim in the freshest water on Earth, participate in your own Viking games and relax in the world famous Blue Lagoon. Living and moving in this extreme environment will heal the body, nourish the soul and rejuvenate the mind.

“Everyone should put Wildfitness on their bucket list”.

Single occupancy price 2780 GBP

Double occupancy price 2484 GBP pp