Below is some useful information regarding recommended flights, check in/out times and airport transfers for our Iceland retreat.

If you have any further questions please email


Keflavik International.

Check In

The course will officially start at 15:30 on the Wednesday.

Check Out

Check out from the hotel will be post breakfast on the Sunday as we head to the Blue Lagoon for the last activity of the course.

Recommended Flights (Arrival)

For this retreat we advise that you book an arrival flight that lands into Keflavik anytime on the Tuesday.


This is simply due to flight times and the course start time of 15:30 on Wednesday.

Accommodation Options (arriving on Tuesday)?

> At your option and your own expense stay at one of our suggested hotels in Keflavik or Reykjavik (or find your own accommodation) and meet our organised transport on the Wednesday morning (see below for details).

> Make your way directly to Torfhus on the Tuesday (this will be at an additional cost: please mention to our team in your enquiry for further information).

For those who arrive at Torfhus on the Tuesday our coaches will be holding an evening release, mobility and breath work session (local activities and sightseeing are also available).

Recommended Flights (Departure)

Regarding departure we ask that you book a flight leaving as late as possible on the Sunday (16:10 onwards) as an earlier flight will mean that you miss the Blue Lagoon.

Airport Transfer

Our airport transfer will depart Keflavik airport at 9.45 on the Wednesday.

*Included in our transfer is a guided tour through the Golden Circle on the way to Torfhus with scenic stops along the way*

If you cannot meet our transfer time or prefer to find your own way to Torfhus please do let our team know upon enquiry. We will help you to organise alternative arrangements if needed however please note that these will be at your own additional cost.