Our Philosophy

“A truly magical journey: breath-taking scenery with the right amount of exercise, food to nourish our bodies, and rest. The results are amazing. I feel I have just gained back ten years.”

-Nikki Granville-Hamshar, Long Transformation Course, Nov-Dec 2010

Wildfitness believes that looking to nature and what we know of our evolutionary origins provides the most upstream and useful guide for how to be fit and healthy today.

Humans spent centuries as “hunter-gatherers” adapting to life on the savannah. We were tall, strong, lean, fast, agile and fertile, yet we didn’t need supplements or equipment to keep fit and healthy. Nature provided everything we needed.

Our philosophy based on nature and the insight of key experts will de-bunk outdated fitness myths, change your outlook on how to be healthy & transform your body. You will learn:
Wild Eating - eating the delicious natural foods that your body was designed to eat and which make you feel light, satisfied, energised and lean.
Wild Moving - moving with skill & playfulness to develop a lean, strong, flexible & injury-free body.
Wild Living - respecting your body's natural rhythms of rest & recuperation to achieve results & stay healthy for life.

Above all, you will fall in love with your body and your environment once more.  It is natural to enjoy moving, eating and living, and it is also the only way to change.