• “On the third day, I feel it: myself. Not the anxious, overwrought, thirty-something on the verge of burnout, but the real me. The childhood me. I've missed him...And now, I'm back. Ready to kick ass.”

    -Conde Nast Traveller Spa Guide, May 2013
  • “Kenyan sunrises are met with beach runs, paddling and swims. The retreat offers a different kind of relaxation; a kind of peace that comes from being outdoors and embracing the body... It’s not just my body that is transformed, I’m mentally fitter too, sharper and more alive.”

    -Woman & Home South Africa April 2013
  • “At the award-winning Wildfitness, the idea is simple; exercising outdoors, eating wholesome food and learning healthier ways of living - all in picturesque, natural surroundings.”

    -Waitrose Magazine January 2013
  • “The free-spirited little sibling of all those rigid, military-style bootcamps... You’ll leave on the biggest natural high of your life.”

    -Tatler Spa Guide 2013
  • “I was astonished at the visible progress I showed in my movements from the beginning to the end.”

    -Sunday Times South Africa Oct 2012
  • “You learn how to move as nature intended, instead of training to look good. But as a result you DO look good. I can already see a stronger, leaner and more symmetrical version of my old body.”

    -Zest Oct 2012
  • “Life-changing trips. Wildfitness offers breaks that focus on barefoot running and outdoor activities. The upshot is a super stong core and a bold stride.”

    -Men's Health Sept 2012
  • “Body-changing workouts without that sergeant-major approach. Yes, it’s tough and yes, you’ll see a difference (to your shape, fitness and energy levels) but this is more about making long-term changes.”

    -Harper's Bazaar June 2012