• “Zanzibar, pero tambien la isla de White, Andalucia, Creta o Kenia.”

    -Vogue Spain March 2015
  • “Want to take it up a notch physically? For serious health cred. Wildfitness has earned its stripes. The premise is simple- barefoot- luxury locations plus energetic, nature inspired workouts equals a happier healthier guest.” Spring Summer 2015 magazine
  • “Wildfitness is a body-changing holiday worth every drop of sweat. It’s hardcore. It will hurt. The good news? There’s delicious food and enough rest time to dispel any anger you might feel towards the kick-are regime. The Philosophy is nature knows best.”

    -Conde Nast Traveller Spa Guide 2015
  • “The body is resilient we learn: feed it nutrient –dense natural produce and let it sleep enough and you will be amazed how quickly those niggles's true – I watch as others of the group transform too.”

    -The Telegraph Weekend 3rd Jan 2015
  • “What you’ll take home is a body capable of far more than you credited it, a reconnection with nature and a renewed sense of fun. Getting fit and strong is just the welcome collateral.”

    -Country & Townhouse -August 2014
  • “"By the end of the week you will view pre-packaged food back in the ‘zoo’ of city life as pretty despicable and will be completing tasks- a 5K swim across a creek for instance- that you previously thought impossible."”

    -Conde Nast Traveller- July 2014
  • “"Make movement relevant. It is well known that movement is the best possible way to live longer, be disease free, and feel and look your best. However, moving because you are afraid of disease or fat, is a motivation that doesn’t work. So my first suggestion is to find a reason to move that is really exciting for you. Tap into something that is a natural or immediate urge."”

    -Diet & Health Today – April 2014
  • “On the third day, I feel it: myself. Not the anxious, overwrought, thirty-something on the verge of burnout, but the real me. The childhood me. I've missed him...And now, I'm back. Ready to kick ass.”

    -Conde Nast Traveller Spa Guide, May 2013