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Long Transformation Course

“Stunning location. Healthy to the soul. Fitness program is challenging and exciting and equally exhausting as it is exhilarating. Fantastic food that tastes of sunshine and freshness. An all-round life-changing experience!”

-Laura Zwick, Long Transformation Course, Jul-Aug 2011
£7,993 per person

This course is made up of our Kick Start course, followed by the Revitalise course. You will have the opportunity to really progress with your core skills, measure your improvement in key activities, learn a lot about your body, seriously boost your fitness and feel and look very different.

This course includes the following:

  • An initial 15 minute assessment with our trainers that records performance parameters including body composition, specific movement patterns and running. 
  • A 15 minute follow up explanation and guidance through the individualised exercises prescribed as a result of this assessment 
  • A 15 minute reassessment in the middle and at the end of the course 
  • An information UBS to take away with before and after footage of your movement patterns, posture and running plus photos and information on workouts you will learn on the course 
  • 2 - 3 training sessions per day 
  • Workshops covering movement, metabolism & nutrition 
  • 4 massages 
  • 3 full days and 2 mornings off within the course (check exact dates on schedule) 
  • Regular barefoot running instruction and drills 

Please note that the Long Transformation Course also follows the structure of the 9 day course followed by the two week course with a three day break in between. There will be others simultaneously attending the shorter courses and there will be some repetition which will help measure your improvement. During the three day break you are welcome to stay at the Wildfitness location and relax but there will be a charge for this. There are no activities during that time and we encourage people to go on a short safari or other trip and enjoy the break and change of scene. The exact therapies and skills on offer will vary between courses depending on the team. Email us about which team members will be running your course.