Wildfitness Coaches Training Courses

Wildfitness Coaches Training- The Fundamentals

Date: Over two consecutive 10th & 11th October; 17th & 18th October 2015. 

Meeting point: All About You, Studio 1-3, Broadbent Close, Highgate, London N6 5JW

Nearest Tube station: Highgate (Northern Line) which is a 15min walk.

Lunch and snacks will be provided by our Wildfitness Chef.

Guest Speaker: Wildfitness is thrilled to announce that Rafe Kelley will be guest-coaching and speaking during the first weekend of our London Coaches Training. 

Rafe’s unique view-point on the way the human body works, teaches you to ‘reconnect with nature and develop your aliveness in movement to become a more resilient embodied human.’

Please note: 

If you are interested in becoming Wildfitness Coach all applicants must attend both weekends to be considered.

Alternatively you can chose to join us for the first weekend only, attend the Rafe Kelley workshops and have a taster of  our world -renowned Wildfitness coaches Training.


1st weekend only (Rafe Kelley workshop): £450

Both weekends (Wildfitness Fundamentals- the journey to become a Wildfitness Coach): £790

Cost includes training, materials, food and deep wisdom.

The Wildfitness Fundamentals Course will give you a strong foundation for understanding the Wildfitness lifestyle philosophy. You will learn a very unique, big picture and scientifically backed outlook to what it is to be a truly Healthy and Fit Human. 

For us, being fit is about “Fitting”: You could “Fit” very well in the Ocean, but be very “Unfit” for a vertical rock wall…get the picture?

The course will introduce you to a concept that is empowering in itself, and methods that have been proven time after time, to have both sustainable and hugely transformative Health effects on our clients and their lives.

Topics covered will include and be based around these 3 core values:

You will understand that Health & Fitness happens as a result of respecting our needs as a specie, and efficiently being part of a bigger system. These needs are balanced between 3 pillars: Mindset & Being, Movement and Eating.

Wild mindset and being - realising our resilience and adaptability when it comes to challenges that are physical, psychological or quite often a combination. Managing and recognising stress, what it's origins are and finding balance in our modern lifestyles. Establishing what our primal needs and desires are with regards to feeling content and satisfied within ourselves.

Wild movement - What is our capacity as movers in context with what we have evolved to do? How this compares to current methods in the fitness industry and the problem with these approaches. Looking at the external and internal physical forces that we should harness to be graceful efficient movers. Approaching movement from a pleasurable perspective and looking at your environment from a new wild perspective.

Wild eating - comparing our ancestral nutritional habits with modern diets. Exploring the effects nutrition has on our biochemistry all the way to our gut microbiome health. Simplifying nutrition using nature and evolutionary filters to establish a common sense approach to the big question, what should I be eating? 

The Wildfitness Fundamentals Course, is the gateway to becoming a Wildfitness Team Member. Course completion, along with submission of an essay and a few hours of shadowing a fully-fledged Coach, will give you the opportunity to become a level 1 Assistant Coach.

As a Level 1, you will be able to assist Wildfitness Coaches during retreats (depending on space availability), or during City Sessions (Workshops, PT and / or Group Sessions). 

Please email info@wildfitness.com for how to apply, the 2015 itinerary and recommended reading list.

Also please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or just enthusiasm info@wildfitness.com