Wildfitness Coaches Training Courses

Wildfitness Coaches' Training, 01-05 June  2014

What you will get from the Wildfitness Coaches Training

All coaches who work with Wildfitness are required to attend this four day course regularly. Due to demand and because we want to spread the Wild word, we are now offering a limited number of places to paying people who are not currently working with Wildfitness. Because we have more applicants than places we ask you to fill out an Application Form so that we can choose people we think will get the most out of our courses and that may be useful to refer our clients to in the future. The four days are designed to give our coaches:

- A paradigm shift from conventional wisdom to a new outlook on fitness that is inspired by evolutionary science and nature.
- The technical and scientific theory used by Wildfitness based on evolutionary science and observations of nature.
- Some practical outdoor training in nature to bring alive the ‘Wildfitness experience’

Please note, the 4 day Wildfitness Coaches’ Training focuses on the theory and technical teachings of Wildfitness. However, the incredible natural beauty of the location in Andalucía means that we will also have plenty of opportunity for outdoor practical learning.

At the end of the course, participants will feel comfortable:

- to assess and teach bare-foot running, lifting technique and basic boxing (fighting) to clients
- to offer nutritional advice based on evolutionary theory
- to set up and teach basic 'combos' as inspired by Erwan Le Corre and explore other parkour techniques
- to teach a few simple methods of 'play' as inspired by Frank Forencich
- to teach pole-work as a method for mobilisation and increasing flexibility
- to feel inspired by and confident to teach people outdoors using the natural elements around them
- to be able to teach basic methods of perception and balance
- having a philosophy that will allow coaches to work out themselves whether a movement, supplement, diet or other fitness method is sound and beneficial
- to get results with clients whether that be injury prevention and relief, or changes in body composition and changes in motivation where a coach may have been struggling before
- to teach a range of natural movements that will see your clients recover from injuries, feel motivated and change body composition
- To feel confident to teach a whole new approach to health and fitness

Course Instructors - to be confirmed

The course will be taught by Tara Wood (Wildfitness Founder), Colin Holding (Wildfitness Senior Coach) and Anne-Laure Pelletier (Wildfitness Senior Coach).

Tara Wood
Tara designed the original Wildfitness courses in 2001 and has continued to develop them over the past 10 years with the help of the best minds in evolutionary fitness. She continues to develop the philosophy and bring in new elements to the Wild experience. Tara will be delivering the fundamentals behind the Wildfitness philosophy. Tara has featured in and written for numerous publications over the years and Wildfitness has won various awards, including being listed as one of the Top 10 Fitness Vacations in the World.

Colin Holding

Colin has a background in professional sport and is facinated by movement.  Colin’s particular expertise lies in play, to encourage natural movement and in devising ‘flows’ that fit new environments using rocks, walls, trees, logs etc. Colin has trained extensively with Lee Saxby and also with Erwan Le-Corre, Frank Forencich, and Nicholas Romanov and is in charge of co-ordinating Wildfitness course delivery internationally. Colin has been described as one of the UK’s leading experts in evolutionary fitness and has featured in the Guardian, Times and on TalkSport Radio.

Anne-Laure Pelletier
Anne-Laure has taken new and evolving ‘Wild theory’ and put it into practise with ‘real people’ in the natural environment of Wildfitness locations. Anne-Laure has a huge amount of experience with conveying new concepts and wild movements to people who might be sedentary, gym fit, road running fit, body shape focused or present other challenges that are common in urban-dwelling modern humans. Having taken several hundred clients through the Wildfitness transformative experience, Anne-Laure is one of the most experienced teachers in the field of natural fitness today. Anne-Laure also trains new apprentice Wildfitness coaches.


No pre-requisites are necessary to participate in the course, but as we are often oversubscribed, we do prioritise the applications of those who may be interested in working as a Wild coach and have the skills for this. All the information we teach in this course is based on logic and what we observe in nature. However, some idea of human physiology and anatomy can be very helpful when learning the science behind how our bodies work.

It is also important to note that teaching movement takes practice and experience, so if you already have experience teaching movement you will be able to implement what you learn immediately with clients. If you are new to teaching movement then it will take some time and you will become more and more effective as you practice.

Will you gain a qualification?

Participants on the course will be given a certificate of attendance. Please note that this certificate does not come with the title of ‘Wildfitness coach’, this is only allocated to apprentices once they have spent several months working with Wildfitness on location.

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