Wildfitness Coaches Training Courses

2015 launches the Wildfitness coaches level system 1 – 4.

The system provides a structure for your Wild journey.  Our standards are high so that we keep our culture and reputation strong, but our focus is on nurturing your journey, however long it takes and from whatever starting point.    

Date: Wildfitness Coaches' Training 31st May-4th June 2015. (4 nights, 5 days)

Location: Andalucía (Spain, nearest airport Seville)

Costs: £840 (shared accommodation), £990 (single accommodation). Incl. training, materials, food and deep wisdom.

Wildfitness coaches have trained directly with Lee Saxby, Dr. Romanov, Ido Portal, Erwan Le Corre, Frank Forencich and many other leading minds in natural fitness.

This 5 day course will equip you with a whole new approach to fitness (both cutting edge and ancient), and give you the down to earth tools to implement the training with your clients (if you are a professional) or in your own life.

All of our Wildfitness coaches are recruited from this Coaches Training Course, but historically this happens for about 1 in 10 attendants. Course completion will give you the oportunity to become a Level 1 Wildfitness Coach.

Some coaches end up working with Wildfitness on our holiday locations, but these positions are limited and very competitive.  Some non-paid apprenticeships are offered on locations, but these are also limited.  However after attaining our level 2 we can support you on our website and Facebook to sell your own Wild sessions

Please email info@wildfitness.com for how to apply, the 2015 itinerary and recommended reading list.

Also please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or just enthusiasm info@wildfitness.com