“I had no idea a simple holiday could so change my life.”

-Sarah Hyndman, 1 week Boost, May 2011

We run fitness holidays in Zanzibar, Spain, Crete & the Isle of Wight. The power of a Wildfitness holiday is in our totally immersive experience: eating, moving and living as nature designed for the length of your stay. Through the core elements of our Wild Philosophy, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

You will:

  • Feel more energised than you have in years.
  • Become stronger, fitter, more flexible & improve your posture.
  • See & feel your body shape changing. 
  • Learn new training skills & how to exercise injury free.
  • Change your approach to food & healthy eating. 
  • Understand how your lifestyle affects your health. 
  • Challenge yourself and gain new respect for your amazing body
  • Laugh a lot and have fun!

Courses range from 3 days to 3.5 weeks. There are 10-16 guests per course giving a fun group atmosphere and plenty of individual attention. Suitable for all fitness levels and a wide age range.

Proven Results - After over 13 years of running courses we know our programme works. If you really want to change your body or improve your fitness we can give you the help you need.

    All holidays include:

    • A structured programme of activities to get your body leaner, stronger, fitter and more skilful. 
    • Delicious, organic meals to make you lean & energised. 
    • Expert coaches to assess your movement & motivate you. 
    • Workshops to explain the three core elements of our philosophy and to help you implement the changes back home. 
    • Small groups for a fun atmosphere & individual attention. 
    • Stunning, natural locations & plenty of time to chill out.