Wild Coaches

Our holiday courses are run by an elite team of Wildfitness-trained coaches. They are chosen for their deep understanding of the body, fresh minded intelligence and love of nature.
Read why we believe our coaches are the best in the industry and see below for individual biogs.
(Ask us which coaches will be on your course).

Jess Reinhold  
With over 13yrs experience in the fitness industry.  Jess has a degree in Sports Science & Biology, is a qualified British Triathlon coach, a CHEK practitioner and Sports Therapist.  Jess holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate & competes in Adventure Racing and Triathlon.  She loves all things outdoors & brings out the best in people.
Colin Holding
Having been raised in Kenya, Colin was inevitably drawn to 'wildness', the outdoors and nature. A passion for sport, movement and health meant that, despite being qualified as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, his true mentor in fitness is nature and evolutionary biology. 'Be a generalist, be outdoors, be active and play' would be his philosophy for health.
Joash Akwiry Matakwa
Joash is a competitive national Kenyan 400 metre runner.  He has also trained with some of the world's top coaches and specialises in boxing, running and weights training.  Full of vitality Joash is a real inspiration.
Anne-Laure Pelletier
Anne-Laure has a deep enthusiasm and passion for sport and nature. She has a diploma of fitness from the University of Sport in Lyon, and has competed at national level in cross country and 400 meters. Being outdoors whenever she can, she believes we can always use our environment and surroundings to train in many ways!
Augusto Vegas
Augusto has a background in professional surfing, he is also free-diving instructor and excels in teaching lifting and parkour-type moves. Augusto has an infectious Wild vibe, is deeply athletic and has an almost mystical connection with nature along with the intelligence to talk about it in a rational and articulate way.
Lucy Freemantle
Lucy was a private chef for 13 years before studying to become a personal trainer and pursue her love of the natural life. She has always been very active, having competed in Ocean Swims, Marathons and Triathlons, and has strong connections to Africa. With her background in food and nutrition, she likes to get into the Kitchen and is happy to teach cooking to clients!
Paul Ranson
Paul has always enjoyed vigorous movement, ranging from climbing and capoiera to his childhood love of "the beautiful game", football! Since achieving his Bsc with hons in The Science of Sports and Exercise, Paul has been personal training with several travelling adventures crammed in between. He has a serious passion for fun and games!
Gareth Roriston
Gareth is a competitive international level athlete in Mixed Martial Arts and wrestling, ranked 22 in the world by FILA in his division. He has a BSc in Science & Management of Exercise and Health, over 7 yrs experience sports coaching and 3 yrs personal training. His love of the outdoors stems from a childhood of running round the woods near his home!
Uju Eze
Uju grew up in Nigeria but has spent most of her life in the UK.  However she remembers her African roots and has always loved running around outside bare-foot.  Uju is primarily a runner and has competed in many events,  and loves to teach bare-foot running.  Uju is also qualified in soft tissue release,  and can coax muscles back to life.